Welcome to 3rd Asian-Pacific Summer School on Formal Methods

The 3rd Asian-Pacific Summer School on Formal Methods will be held in Suzhou, China in August 13-21, 2011. The objective is to teach students the principles and practice of programming with the proof assistant Coq, as in previous years (2009 and 2010), and to show them the state of art applications of proof assistants and theorem provers in formal methods.

Coq is free open source software developed at INRIA, Université Paris-Diderot, Université Paris-Sud, CNRS, CNAM and École Polytechnique in France.

The Coq system provides a functional programming language and a reasoning framework based on higher order logic to perform proofs of programs. The expressive power of the language is such that advanced notions of mathematics (such as the graph theory in the four color theorem) or programs of high complexity (such as operating system kernels and compilers) can be described formally. In this school, we address the basic programming techniques and approaches to prove properties of the programs. The covered notions involve structural recursive programming, list and integer handling, proof by induction, definition of data-types, pattern matching constructs and case-based reasoning, and inductive properties.


Courses will be delivered in English. Students are expected to be (but are not limited to) graduate students in Computer Science, Software Engineering or Mathematics. No prior knowledge of type theory is required, but a good programming experience is expected.


The online application is open now and will be closed on May 30, 2011. Please go to to register and fill out the application form. 

Due to the limited number of students, a decision on ranking if this number is exceeded will be taken. We will inform those accepted students by June 10, 2011. 

Important Dates

  • Deadline for application: 2011-05-30
  • Application notification: 2011-06-10
  • Workshop submission: 2011-07-10
  • Workshop notification: 2011-07-15
  • Summer school starts: 2011-08-13

News and Events

2011-06-10 NEW! We have sent notification mail to all applicants. Please check your mailbox. If you received nothing, the mail can have been blocked as spam. We list all accepted applicants here .

2011-06-01 NEW! Submission to the workshop is now open.

2011-04-10 The online application is open now, please go to to register and fill out the application form.

2011-03-29 The online application for school will be opened soon.

2011-03-18 Provisional Timetable: Aug 13-20

Registration Fee

The registration fee may be paid on site.

  • Students from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC): RMB 200
  • Students from other universities: RMB 400
  • Non-Students: RMB 800

The registration fee covers the Chinese version of the CoqArt book by Yves Bertot and Pierre Castéran, lunches, breaks, a social event on the free afternoon and the subsequent conference dinner.

Accommodation is provided on demand in student dormitory (4 persons per room) for free. If you want us to help make hotel reservations, please send email to as early as possible.

A name tag will be given at the registration desk. Name tags will be mandatory for accessing the classrooms.


The summer school is jointly organized by USTC-Yale Joint Research Center for High-Confidence Software and Suzhou Institute for Advanced Study of USTC.

Our speakers are partly supported by the following institutes:


Contact Us

Email:     Tel: +86-512-87161338   or  +86-512-87161322